Birth of Modern Sustainability

Birth of Modern Sustainability

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What led to the birth of the concept of modern sustainability? How is sustainable development today different from the sustainable practices of the past? What was the role of Brundtland Commission in shaping the modern-day sustainability principles?

Course Description

After two world wars in rapid successions, powerful nations viewed global economic development as the solution to promote peace and harmony. However, the cost was high, and in this course, we will look at how the golden age of capitalism descended into global outrage and why there was an urgent demand for sustainable development.  

Learning Objectives

  • How did powerful nations deal with the aftermath of world war 2?  

  • What were the effects of the Golden Age of Capitalism on the world?  

  • Get introduced to the different books and movements that brought attention to the world of environmentalism  

  • How did the UN respond to global outrage on challenges associated with the environment, society and economic development? 

  • Learn how the Brundtland Commission coined and popularised the term ‘sustainable development’  




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