Economics of Sustainability

Economics of Sustainability

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Economics of sustainability is quite critical to understand the hurdles in attaining the sustainable development goals. In this episode we bring you a clear understanding on how a better score on an economic index like GDP does not necessarily translate into a good score of sustainability as well.

Course Description

The way we practice development is heavily influenced by the way we measure development. More or less since the end of WW2, we’ve been measuring it by Gross Domestic Product (GDP), but in this new world of sustainable development, is GDP the tool that will help us reach our goals? 

Learning Objectives

  • How effective is GDP at measuring sustainable development? 

  • Get introduced to Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI) and its impact on assessing sustainable development.  

  • Comparing GPI and GDP, is GPI a better tool than GDP to measure sustainable development? 


Prajeeth Sitherasenan



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