Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Global renewable power growth outpaced fossil fuel growth by a factor of 2.6 in 2019. However, in the same year, renewable energy has only contributed 20% to electricity generation.

Course Description

One of the most requested themes this year has been to learn more about the renewable energy sector. There has been a drastic increase in global energy consumption in the last 200 years. This has required a massive acceleration of the production and sale of energy. In doing this, the energy sector has contributed to an increase in greenhouse gas emissions, which has resulted in climate change.

In light of this, renewable energy technologies are being deployed to curb the climate crisis. However, there are many hurdles and challenges that the renewable energy sectors need to overcome if it wants to replace the fossil fuel sector.   

Join us for a 10-part course that covers a range of topics listed below. Our broad aim is to try and understand whether it has the potential to solve some of the major issues of climate change, unemployment, electricity gaps etc. 

  1. Energy Sector
  2. Economics of Renewable Energy
  3. Transitioning to Renewable Energy 
  4. Global Trends, Capacities & Policies in Renewable Energy
  5. Solar Energy
  6. Hydropower
  7. Wind Energy
  8. Bio-energy
  9. New forms of Renewable Energy
  10. Future of Renewable Energy

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