Sustainable Finance

Sustainable Finance

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So, how do we ensure sustainable financing can help us achieve the SDGs by 2030? Join our 5-part mini-series as we look to answer this very question.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn about the history of sustainable finance.
  • What is the difference between traditional finance and sustainable finance? 
  • Understand how the present-day banks have evolved to incorporate sustainable finance. 
  • Learn about the different levels of sustainable investments. 
  • Explore global trends and the raw potential of sustainable finance.  
  • Explore the various sustainable initiatives taken by the financial sector. 
  • Learn about frameworks that are important for the implementation of Sustainable Finance. 
  • Learn about the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria and the Equators Principles.  
  • What is Green and Social finance? 
  • Explore the various instruments in Green and Social finance. 
  • How to overcome the challenges in Green and Social finance. 

Course Description

Sustainable finance is now a hot topic for investors, banks and businesses around the world. It is becoming increasingly sophisticated and popular with new frameworks, initiatives and financial products.  

Even though Sustainable Finance has a lot of potential, it still has a long way to go before it can help us achieve the SDGs. The UN estimates the gap in financing to achieve the SDGs is at 2.5 trillion dollars per year. 

So, how do we ensure sustainable financing can help us achieve the SDGs by 2030? The first step is understanding what sustainable finance is and how it works. 

So, SDGPlus has put together a 5 episode introductory course to sustainable finance, which will introduce our global audience to what sustainable financing is and walk them through its various frameworks and concepts.


Module 1:

Introduction to Sustainable Finance

1:15 Hours

1.1:What Does Sustainable Finance Mean? 0:15
1.2:History of Finance 0:15
1.3:What is ESG Investing? 0:15
1.4:Green Finance 0:15
1.5:Social Finance 0:15


Prajeeth Sitherasenan



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1:15 Hours

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